Type Interiors, Realized Projects
Project area 208 М²
Year 2014

The apartment is located in a penthouse on one of Moscow skyscrapers with stunning panoramic view of city. The apartment space is divided into common and private zones. Common zone combines three parts: living room, dining room and kitchen. Where as private zone includes music room, bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

The staircase from the living room leads up to the music room and other private rooms which are located on the loft over the kitchen. The extravagant living room with it's unusual lighting design based on author's drawings and the impressive architectural form of the music area sets the main trend in the interior. This style unites all the areas of the apartment into original and elegant design.

A complex ducting systems under the ceiling has affected architectural design, construction of walls and ceiling of the loft floor. During the design process, an ideal solution was designed for decoration of the ducting system. An installation case that covers them, looks like an art-object which integrates the living room with the music room.

Use of natural materials, such as wooden panels for finishing and flooring with the best oak lumber, softens a visual perception of angularity of architectural forms. And also gives a perfect contrast with a concrete ceiling, as well as, creates a warm impression from the interior.

Photos by Ilya Ivanov

Published on ARCHDAILY