Type Interiors, Design, Realized Projects
Project area 150 M²

Representative office of “SOLVERS” company is located in the prestigious part of Moscow, which is Moskva-city1 complex. The interior was designed in modern style. The office is classy and exquisite, but at the same time looks elegant and not overwhelmed with details. Use of natural materials such as, the batten of solid wood on the walls, the finest oak lumber floor in combination with plastic decorative elements on the ceiling, and the glass partition walls creates an impressive image of workspace. In addition to the project, designers made special aluminum tables and placed it in the interior. The project was completed in 2013.

You can see the designed furniture for the interiors in the webpage: http://architekto.ru/en/project/179/ 

Photos by Ludmila Tostova

1 Moscow International Business Center