Type Townships, Private Houses
Project area 12 га

The project of the township is designed on a 12 hectares area, which is on the bank of the river Oka in Ryazan region. The area is basically divided into 2 territories. The first one is with three large sites – 2 private houses with 450 m2 site area and one large guest house with the site area of 1000 m2. Where as, the second area is divided into 12 sites with each house of around 300 m2. Also the territory includes 2 tennis courts (one of them is covered), terrace with the view of the river, banya1, garage and security post at the entrance to the territory. All the premises inside the houses are designed with respect to the view of the river. The project was completed in 2010.

1 Local type of steam bath popular in Eastern Europe. Usually located in a separate wooden building and have several sections.